Play4Keeps Podcast | Gathering data of the heart: Sarah Mitchell and Kara Q Lewis

Join us for a dive into the story and process behind Sarah Mitchell’s ARTICHOKE HEARTS and the topics that branch off from there: thoughts on modern relationships, developing creative works, finding inspiration and solace in everyday moments and interactions with strangers.

Sarah Mitchell is a Los Angeles-based writer, actor, and producer. Her play ARTICHOKE HEARTS is available in P4K’s premium collection as well as on our free podcast feed. Kara Q Lewis is Ashland New Plays Festival’s administrative associate and Play4Keeps’s art director.

After listening to the interview, click here to listen to ARTICHOKE HEARTS for free! In this one-woman show, Mitchell explores the many sides of love by interviewing people she comes across in her daily life and shares their stories as well as her own journey through heartbreak.

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  1. James Pagliasotti on May 30, 2019 at 9:48 am

    Sarah was the first playwright we worked with at Play4Keeps when we began recording plays. She is a very talented writer and actor who was such a pleasure to work with. ARTICHOKE HEARTS is a dazzling exploration of different concepts of love and relationships that she performs with bravura. I really liked the way she was able to portray her characters with great honesty and empathy. Hers is a talent we expect will continue to grow and we’ll definitely be watching and listening.

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